Monday, January 23, 2006

Tag Line for Mumbai

The organizers of the Mumbai Festival 2006 are looking for a Tagline for Mumbai. After all, London has it, New York has it and so on.

Well! I have one for them:
The Spit Capital of the World.

How does that sound? Gross probably but quite close to the truth, ain't it?


Sameer said...


I think you are making a fundamental mistake here. Taglines are seldom true. They are meant to create a sense of "What a great City we live in?" feeling despite the converse being true . To that extent your tagline does not meet the requirement


Pankaj said...

Unless of course, you want to start a debate around the "true" spit capital of the world. What makes you think Mumbai can grab the honour among worthies like Kolkata, or for that matter, any place in Bihar? I know migration is a big issue, but I dare say there are still more Biharis in Bihar than in Mumbai! Or Marwaris in Kolkata (me being just one of them, at least formerly).

Anonymous said...

Right now you call it...Mumbai "It's a roller coaster ride"....what with all the bloody roads dug up...

Anu said...

i would rather like to call...."forever amchi mumbai" coz no1 can resist without comin to this place once in their lifetime.......or "Restless mumbai" coz mumbai never sleep

Anonymous said...

Hey..yea Anu is right..I'm sorry i think i was just off an autorickshaw when i posted the earliar comment. I love my city too much to complain. For the others complaining about a spit problem or some other problem..piece of advice..get off your butts and do someting about it...join an N.G.O for Mumbai...thats the best thing you could do. You'd be amazed to find so many people who feel so passionately about this city and are working so hard to make it a better place to live in. taken from the recent patriotic film Rang De Basanti-"Har country(city in our case) perfect nahi hota hai..usse perfect banana padta hai."

P.S.-pls do excuse if the english does not match the standards of the blog..too much chatting on msn does'nt do me any good.
Also, Mr. Gautam, would love if you post some articles on travelling.

Anonymous said...

how are you?

Can I link to this post please?