Monday, August 14, 2006

India Quiz - 3

Here is the next batch of questions. Please put down the answers in the comments section and get back here for the right answers on April 21, 2006.


1.What was unique about the personal bodyguards of the Maurya rulers?
They were all women.

2.In Vedic times a Brahmin boy was considered equal to an animal until a certain event took place. What was that event?
The Upanayanam (Thread ceremony)

3.Who was the only woman to ascend the throne of Delhi?
Razia Sultana.

4.How many children did Gandhari have?
101. A hundred Kauravas and a daughter, Dushshala. Jayadratha was her husband.

5.Tough but very workable: Indravarma, the king of Malava had something in his possession that helped the Pandavas slay Drona in the battle of Kurukshetra. What was this “something”?
An elephant named Ashwatthama. Bhima killed this elephant and announced that Ashwatthama was dead. At this Drona lay down his arms and was slayed by Dhrishtadyumna.

The scores are:
Saikrishna Budamgunta – 5
Anil Menon – 4
(Sorry Anil cannot accept Namakarana of a Brahmin boy as the right answer.)
Prateek Vijayavargia – 2


linny said...

3. Razziya Sultan
4. 101

person said...

hi, just stumbled on this page.

I think the fourth question is quite easy. Gandhari, the mother of the kauravas had 100 sons and one daughter.

I'm just guessing but somehow i think the Brahmin boy here refers to an incarnation of Bharat, the former ruler of India, who spoke nothing all his life, but only once and that too to explain to a king about life and bring in him the restlessness to attain inner peace.

Oh, and could the last one be an elephant called'Ashwaththama' a name similar to Dronacharya's son.

kuffir said...

1.were they eunuchs?
3.razia sultan
4.101 elephant called ashwathama.

Freya said...

2 : The tread ceremony
3 : Razia Sultan
5 : Ashwathama the elephant

Kitne Sahi ??