Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dr. Karunanidhi & his sense of Humour

Larger than life political adversaries, film stars, giant cut-outs, loyal party workers who are willing to immolate themselves at the drop a cape etc. all form the rich tapestry that is elections in Tamil Nadu.

The recent elections were no different. It was interesting watching Amma and Dr. Karunanidhi have a go at each other.

This time however I was more fascinated by the developments after the elections. No sooner did M. Karunanidhi take over the reigns of power than he affected a change of personnel. Not just anyone, but N. Narayanan, the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu – the most powerful bureaucrat in the state.

Ho hum might be your reaction.
All political dispensations do it.
Nothing special about this “shuffle” you might say.
Well! You might only be half right.

The thing is nobody has done this with the sense of humour that Karunanidhi has.

Which powerful and important department was the most powerful bureaucrat under Amma’s dispensation sent to? He was sent to … and here it comes…


That is rich. From controlling the fate of the entire state of Tamil Nadu this dude now controls the fate of Tamil Nadu’s archives. He probably has a rickety bench in the middle of torn and tattered papers and one peon for company. Imagine the poor guy’s culture shock.

My commiserations to him.
He hehe hehe he he he

There was a time when I really really wanted to get into the Civil Services. I even attempted to sneak into the IAS/IPS cadres but was rudely stopped by the UPSC. Twice. And until three days back this has been the biggest regret of my life. Not anymore.

Now whenever I think of what might have been just four words are enough to bring the smile to my face.

Hehehe hehe he he he.


Passion said...

If you are a engineer then entrepreneurship is the natural evolution.

Anonymous said...

The dude you are talking about happens to be my father.He's known to be an extremely intelligent and honest and unbiased officer and yes,I'm glad I didn't join the civil services,either.The bureaucrat you talk about is also a human being and it would be nice if you were more sensitive.

Bala said...

The Tamil Nadu politics are a sham. From doling out rice at Rs.2 /kg to giving free Color TVs, the new government has done everything possible to bring certain amount of smiles on the faces of the gullible masses and bought some premium media space for their gimmicks.

The rice phenomena was misused widely by the famous NTR Govt in AP a decade ago, but color TVs, well novelty thy name is politics.

A place where drinking water is a nightmare, a state which is famous for mismanaging the Tsunami funds, and a city capital where even a light downpour will bring the traffic to a standstill, populist promises like this will dent the state's exchequer and will hurl the state back to the past.

I appreciate the Author's efforts in bringing out the present misery of the State through his views.

As far as UPSC is concerned, it was a dream of every youngster before the Y2k, but with BPO boom and easy money and jobs available for the teeming graduates, UPSC has taken a back seat.

And going by the present plight of the administrators, we are definately better off than ending up being held to ransom by the scheming politicians.

:-P said...

"sometimes good comes out of a nowhere"