Friday, July 28, 2006

"Milse Riday Saar"

One of the great facets of Hyderabad, which I am rediscovering almost everyday, is the fascinating hybrid culture that it possesses. For instance the Hindi spoken here is influenced by both Telugu and Urdu and has developed an identity all of its own.

Apart from Hindi even English seems to have mutated considerably in the Hyderabadi environment.

Having moved back just a few weeks ago I am still in the process of discovering the perfect route to my office and during one such experiment I noticed a small little Andhra restaurant being part-renovated. It was not the fact that it was being renovated that caught my eye but the banner that was put up announcing that while there was indeed some renovation going on the Restaurant was still very much in business.
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The restaurant owner was, probably, using the service entrance to allow its patrons to get in and announced the same with panache.

Meals Served in the Backside.

If I had a camera phone I would have gotten off the bus immediately just to click a photograph of this banner.

The pity is that now I do not even remember the area where I saw it. Else I would have taken a day off just to get that photograph.

I guess this banner puts to shame other creative ventures that I have noticed like:

Dormantary and Sute available for Gents


Fost Food Avilible here

Time for a burger break, guys.
A Guide for the Linguistically challenged. ;-)
Milse Ready Saar=Meals Ready, Sir


Anonymous said...


Vivified Visage said...

lol, I love reading those signs...I remember passing by one restaurant and it advertised "Refridgerated Air Inside". I presume they meant that it was Air Conditioned. -_-

Balaji said...


Really funny.

Anonymous said...


Very well written.

Sachchi mein... You are an articulate writer [hail]

Indian Bluff said...


hahaah....very funny..and a good one too.

indian sarees

Anu said...

Hey Gautam,

Someone asked you if you were related to Nyayapati Raghava Rao. You said yes. Could you/would you elaborate on that relationship? Incidentally, I am one of his grandchildren...therefore the curiosity. It would be nice to hook up with people with whom one might share a few genes. Thanks.

Nyayapati Gautam said...

Hi! Anu,

Would love to trace my relationship with Nyayapati Raghava Rao, but can we take this conversation off the blog?

I am available at

Please do mail me and I will get back to you immediately. It feels great to get in touch with someone who is part of the family tree via the Net.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Atlantean said...

There are some really good ones at Langerhouse and Mehdipatnam... the best among them was:

OL SEL (for wholesale) ;)

ptr jagannath said...

dear gautam,
today after a gap of many days i got the chance of using the net . in patiala where we stay it is almost a village with no internet connectivity. your article was great and i must add on that you have a great observation power , a thing that we see in our great generals. stay in touch .