Monday, September 15, 2008

One Night Stand

One of the interesting aspects of any language especially English, is the way certain words and phrases evolve. More so with English than with other languages because of the sheer diversity of people who speak the language.

The other day I was in class taking an introductory session on Group Discussions for the CAT 2008 aspirants. As part of the lecture I checked with the students about their reading habits and whether they read anything other than the recommended text books. There were sheepish grins all round and then a few talked about their newspaper reading habits and some spoke of a novel or two that they had read and so on.

One of the students was very honest and very categorical. He confessed that he did absolutely no reading and when I asked him about his coursework he said, “Well, I do a one night stand before the exam and I find that it helps me crack the paper.” I was rather taken aback but quickly gathered my wits and checked with him as to how a one-night stand helped him crack the exam!!! I probably should not have … it being a class and all that but still…..

He further flummoxed me by saying that, “You know all of us in the hostel get together and we have a one night stand and all of us ace the exam.” This really set my mind racing… and I was about to go into it a bit more thoroughly when some other student came to my rescue and defined a One night stand in today’s engineering colleges. It simply means studying for the semester exams just the night before each paper.
Well well well. From meaning:
“a single performance in one locale, as by a touring theatrical company, before moving on to the next engagement.”
“a single, unrepeated sexual encounter, as one lasting for just one night.”
“studying for the exam just the night before”
Quite a journey that. All in 200 years. Not bad at all.


Balakrishna Parankusam Venkata said...

Welcome back Mr.Gautam Nyayapati, a year and 7 days is quite a long sabbatical.

"One Night Stand" is hillarious and at the same time thought - provoking. Thought - provoking because it highlights the attitude and importance given to studies these days.

Mr.Nyayapati, I hope the regular readers of your blog need'nt have to wait another year for your next post.

Bring them on!!

Anonymous said...

good one .......