Sunday, April 19, 2009


See it is like this, I have immense respect for the current Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh and his abilities as an economist. And I also like the fact that he is this quiet individual who goes about his job without too much hullabaloo. A quintessential professional. In a political environment populated by loud mouths, extremely corrupt netas, murderers, smug buggers et al he is a breath of fresh air (even if 76 years old.)

At the other end of the spectrum is Rahul Gandhi, the dimpled darling of the Congress party and Mama Sonia, not necessarily in that order. Now he is someone I donot respect all that much. Maybe given time he is going to turn out just fine but as of now, respect for Rahul-ji? Nada. Nyet. NO.

So when Rahul-ji says that Dr. Manmohan Singh is the Sher-e-Punjab then I can only look on in an amused manner. The fact is that Dr. Manmohan Singh is not anywhere close to being a SHER... In fact if there is any label that could be applied to Dr. Singh then it should probably be "The Soporific Singh". The reason - His public speaking skills are really atrocious and I seriously believe that he is probably the worst speaker the Prime Minister's office has seen in India. Ever. And given that this includes worthies such as H.D. Deve Gowda that is saying something.

What amazes me is that an academic and that too one in the premier Schools of the country -Dr. Singh has taught at the Delhi School of Economics apart from JNU and Punjab University - could be this bad in speaking skills. I can well imagine the situation of students who attended his classes, especially post lunch... Zzzzzzzzz

And such a man Sher-e-Punjab... er Rahul-ji I think not. The Soporific Singh is a much better adjective.


Me said...

Yup, his mannerisms dont resemble that of a sher's from any angle..

I think,not him per se ..But His actions and decisions; the way he sticks to what he believes in, without buckling under pressure..earns him the said title...

Anonymous said...

Its not that Rahul not knows whether Dr Singh is a Sher or an obedient, faithful goat. Nevertheless, Rahul has achieved what he wanted while quoting this in an election rally in Punjab.
People in Punjab voted in favour of congress, cutting across the lines during last Lok Sabha polls, who were traditionally akali supporters because they wanted to see Dr Manmohan Singh as Prime minister again.
Can't say whether his clean image mattered in other parts of India too...

Ranjeet Singh