Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Kolkata Knight Riders - Seedhi Baat. All Bakwas.

It is hilarious watching the Sprite ad featuring Shah Rukh Khan and the KKR team. And viewing it during a KKR match just doubles the pleasure because of the sheer ineptness of the KKR team and the "aptness" of the commercial.

Take a look at the commercial...

In it the chubby character who is the butt of the joke decides that the best way for KKR to win is by getting well built hatta katta log into the team. His reasoning: We need to scare the opposition if we want to win.

Enter Cool Dude Shah Rukh (incidentally the Fake IPL Player calls him the "Badshah Dildo") who takes a look at the team lined up by Chubby and then with his patented patronising curled lip smirk asks him to take a look at the team that HE, the Badshah, has assembled. There we see Dada, Murali Karthik and Agarkar etc. And then the denouement. Badshah Dildo then tells Chubby that it has to be Seedhi Baat No Bakwas...

Now here is the catch. That team selected by the Badshah is the only team that does not have any chance of getting into the Semi-final. Wonder if they should have taken Chubby's advice and played the team that he selected. Would have won them a couple of matched at least.
The display in the field yesterday was pathetic to say the least. They managed a decent score. - their highest in this IPL season and I thought that they would at least put up a good fight. But naah. Such things just don't seem to happen to the Kolkata Knight Riders. This time it was the fielding that was woeful. Gautam Gambhir, out of form for most part of this season, was thankfully escorted back into it by the very generous KKR fielders. And after the explosive Warner was dismissed the duo of Gambhir and Dilshan strolled home comfortably, with an over to spare. And most importantly they also spared SRK another pointless trip to South Africa. I am sure SRK is going to text them a Thank you message.

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Me said...

Ditto there..thgought of the sam when I saw that Ad...
Did you the see the marvelous fielding done by KKR yesterday...Sigh..It was nothing short of a comedy circus..Gosh..Good I lost interest in IPL this year..o would have been totally let down by my Fav team of last year's..:I
Gaming is business..
if not for the matches..
Ads karke toh revenue earn kar rahe hai..Good..Good..
waise..the best never needs much of a marketing or advertising its innate characteristics speaks for itself...hmm