Thursday, August 06, 2015

Sports Terminology - Golf

The number of strokes a player is given to adjust his score to that of standard scratch. It allows golfers of different abilities to compete on equal terms.

To cry "Fore" is to warn other players that your ball may hit them.

The number of shots a low handicapper should take for a hole or round. The hole par is measured by the number of shots needed to reach the green plus two for the putting. The round par is calculated by adding all the hole par's together.

Hole In One
The ball goes straight into the hole from your tee shot.

One under par for the hole.

Yardage Chart
A printed card detailing the layout and yardage of each hole on the course.

Yardage Rating
The stroke index of the hole, Index 18 being the easiest on the course, 1 the most difficult.

A metal club designed to give loft rather than distance. Used for high shots into the green.

Clubs used for long range shots. Traditionally made with wooden head they are now mostly made with metal alloy heads.

A small peg stuck into the ground on which a golf ball is placed. Also area where golfers play first stroke of any given hole.

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