Friday, January 30, 2009

Dutts da story

I need to rush to take my class in Thane but a quick glance at the Blogosphere tells me that something important is up. And has been so for a couple of days.

We have had the issue of Mean Stream.... oops I meant Main Stream media attack Bloggers for lack of credibility etc. NOW it has been taken to new heights.

NDTV and Barkha Dutt seem to have used legal measures to silence a Blogger. Should we all get agitated? Or should we wait to see what exactly happened here. I mean was there threat/coercion etc and then react? It is obviously right to wait and find out what really happened but the problem in all that is that the Blogger will have to explain all that has happened but might not be in a position to. For obvious reasons ... might get into further trouble.
So I have a simple request for Barkha Dutt, you already have a powerful platform which you use in a wonderfully balanced and mature fashion. Why don't you this platform to educate all of us ignorant twits why you are so correct and why Chyetanya Kunte was so absolutely wrong. It would be a better way for us to be informed.

But more than anything else I believe that Bloggers should be united and maybe form a support system. After all the question is who will guard the guardians?

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