Saturday, January 03, 2009

Email Blackout

As the New Year dawned, in a flurry of excitement for some and in somnolence for others like me, I noticed that my email wasn't showing its customary activity. Ignored it for a while but now realise that the email is down. Seriously bad time for it to do that and I wonder if it is an indication of things to come!!!

I seem to be able to live without TV, newspapers, sometimes food when my Dabbawalla conveniently forgets to send me my dinner/lunch and human company but lack of either Net connectivity and/or lack of facility to check out my email really gets to me. I wonder if this could be the Net addiction that people talk about.

Be that as it may it is getting seriously painful... sitting in front of the laptop and not receiving any mail. And I know that there are plenty that will be sent by my friends across the world. I can sense one that tells me to immediately increase the size of some part of my body. My friends being concerned about my "woman" not being satisfied... Er how did they know??? Or one that tells me to decrease the size of some other part.... Or, of course my friends from Nigeria who are all in so much trouble. All at once. So much so that they need my help in moving funds!!! Me, who even a blind man in a bank branch does not ask for help with any cash withdrawals. Sometimes I worry about my friends. They seem to care a lot about me and trust me a lot. But well friends will be friends. But then all is not dark. I have my friends who believe that I am in the market for $20,000 wrist watches which they are willing to sell to me at $230. I mean if an individuals wealth is measured by his friends then I have the bestest lot.

And this silly email snafu is causing me to miss out on all the interaction with my friends. Damn. Life is tough. Hopefully the mail will be up and running and I can start interacting with my dost log once again.

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