Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Resolutions ......

Hi All,

2009 has had a fantastic start so far. I thought I would put together a set of resolutions and stick to them. So far I have not put together the resolutions so there is no way I could have broken them. ;-)

I wonder if one of the Resolutions should be - Don't be LAZY - but then I am digressing. The point is apparently New Year Resolutions are not a good thing to do!!! So .... should I or should I not?

Be the case as it may, the one resolution that I intend to keep is blogging more often. This posting once in 6 months thingy is getting seriously embarassing. So, whether the world likes it or not, can stand it or not here's to a more prolific Blogging year.


1 comment:

shruti said...

yes sir,the number of blogs you hve written has decreased frm 2006-2008..