Friday, March 24, 2006

Ab tera kya hoga Madan Mohan? [The "Office for Profit" wallah dude]

I love Indian politicians and have good reasons for doing so. After all they have always come to my aid, even in my lowest hour, by providing me with a few moments of unadulterated mirth.

Take for instance the Congress gambit of getting Jaya Bachchan evicted from the Rajya Sabha. It went like clockwork with the poor lady turfed out by the President for holding an office of profit. So far so good. Then suddenly a pesky someone realised that, hey! The Queen Bee (Madam Sonia Gandhiji, please do I have to spell out everything?) herself occupies an office of profit.
And as it turns out the whole episode returned to bite the Congress in its collective ass.
Of course, Sonia Gandhi is attempting to emerge as the one who sacrificed her post for the sake of propriety in public life but this time it might not wash. Hopefully.

Meanwhile on the Left flank:
The Left parties are traditionally the ones who go on and on about morality in public life. But suddenly they find that they cannot do much this time. And why is that? Oooo well! 10 of their own MPs apparently also hold an office of profit. This list includes the much respected Mr. Somnath Chatterjee, who just happens to be the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. So, to hell with all this morality shorality business, none of them will resign.
Fair enough. But if they think Didi (Mamta Bannerjee) is going to let them off the hook they are sadly mistaken. I am sure Didi is going to go after them in her shrill Bonglish till the time she heads into the assembly elections. If I was a Left party MP I would probably resign just to keep her quite.

However what hurts me, really really hurts me, is that no one is talking about dear Mr. Madan Mohan, the dude who started it all. If the Congress is to be believed then the complaint against Jaya Bachchan was filed by Madan Mohan in his individual capacity. If that really is the truth I wonder how he must be feeling right now. He must have become a virtual pariah in his own party. Tch tch.

Ab tera kya hoga Madan Mohan?


politically_incorrect_guy said...

Somnath Chattejee resigning? What a horrible, politically incorrect thought !!!! Gosh, that is too much to ask , the Left is the holy cow out here and they are here only to serve the well being of millions of starving indians (tounge in cheek ) ........ i bet the Left will join hands with Congress and NDA guys to pass a nice act that allows MPs to own office of profit...

My take on the whole thing is that, let us allow these MPs to hold office of profit, PROVIDED, they sacrifice all the perks and wages that comes with being an MP. Come on Indian voters, let us give the choice to our politicians, to decide which way they want to earn their bread.

Anonymous said...

Moushumi Chakrabarty
March 24, 2006
09:27 AMhi,
very apt observations! as far as our politicians are concerned - they obviously haven't heard of the maxim our british brethren coined long ago: people who live in glass houses...(i wonder what the hindi equivalent is?)
meanwhile, the bunch up at delhi continue to amaze and stupefy the Thinking Everyman/woman! i seriously wonder at the quality of politicians. i mean, we've heard of young people choosing to take up medicine, computer science, dress designing, icecream technology etc.
i don't personally know any 'young person' who would willingly enter politics.

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Anonymous said...

March 24, 2006
09:43 AMa couple of questions. it's nearly impossible for a MP not to hold an office of profit. he can't ultimately serve society even if he wants to if he not on any board. better define what an office of profit is and give the some positions exception. the old 1979 act needs to be upgraded.
i dont think there was anything wrong with either jaya bachchan hold the censor board position or Sonia holding the NAC post.

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Anonymous said...

Anil Menon
March 24, 2006
05:47 PMFunny stuff, Nyayapati. Really liked the "Didi" bit. Morality shorality. Queen bee. Bonglish. Keep 'em coming.

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Anonymous said...

March 25, 2006
06:37 AMI'm left sputtering every time I hear the media call Sonia's cynical act a "master stroke". To see her being labelled a Florence Nightingale or Eva Peron makes me roll my eyes in exasperation.

"master stroke"??? Was Nixon's resignation in the wake of a corruption scandal a "master stroke"?? Sonia's only real master stroke is that every time she belches or passes wind, an army of sycophants appears to declare it a "master stroke" or Nobel prize-winning material. If she resigns 100 times, she faces no risk in regaining re-election in an electoral district that has long been bought and paid for. She can resign every week and get re-elected in Rae Bareily with 100% certainty. There's no sacrifice in that. Likewise, when her party won an anti-incumbency vote against BJP, she ducked out of the Prime Ministership because she got cold feet. When I see the media in a daze over this chicanery, then I think they're the ones who've suffered a "master stroke" -- even worse than Ariel Sharon's.

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kuffir said...

where's the next story gautam..? btw, happy ugadi and rama navami!

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