Friday, March 03, 2006

Greg Chappell: Retirement after the 2007 World Cup?

So Greggie has finally admitted it. It was Saurav Ganguly who got him the coveted job of Coach of the Indian cricket team. In fact he says, “Certainly there is no way I would have got the job here without his influence.” He also says that he did not realize, at that stage, how important the captaincy was for Ganguly’s life and finances.

I get the naughty feeling that the moment Greg realised it he had Ganguly removed.

Maybe it did not happen that way but if I was a potential employer I would be very wary of Greg.

Simply because if I did appoint him or be instrumental in his appointment I would probably be on my way out very soon. :-)

Which brings us to the question: Who is going to employ Greg after 2007 when his contract with the BCCI expires?

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Anonymous said...

Whether my dear orphaned greggie will be picked by an employer or not will certainly depend upon the performance of greggie the great which he would be called after his performance in the world cup :) (assuming that india chases and wins it looking at their current winning streak while chasing).. so the scene goes: india plays semifinal -> wins toss -> india plays final -> wins toss -> greggie becomes greggie the great and asks for 5 times his current salary. anyone for retirement plan? sorry? exactly!